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How do you choose what to carry?

Do you carry everything you think you might need? Do you look things over and determine the weight to value ratio? Whether you are on duty or carrying a CCW, your belt is full and usually heavy enough. And you know the old saying, a gun doesn't get any lighter at the end of the day.So, what do you carry… bare minimum… and why?Do you have a set of cuffs handy? Is there a “bug-out bag” in your car or truck? What about first-aid gear? Many years ago I came upon a car crash with two bleeding teenagers inside the battered sedan. All I had was a couple towels in my vehicle. You can bet that has since changed.If you think you need a gun, do you think you'll need extra ammo or handcuffs? Pick one. Tell us why you chose it.How about a flashlight? A good one can be a force option. It can also light up the dark corners when you feel something just isn't right.So, let's hear it. Tell us about your basic kit.

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