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Hands On! Trijicon Reflex Gets You On Target, Fast

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Now I'll be the first to admit that a prairie dog shoot might not be the best place to test a superfast combat style optical sight for an AR-style rifle. But when I can pick up said rifle, topped with Trijicon's Reflex optical sight and start plunking rodents at 150 yards offhand and out to 300 yards from the bench, with a standard S&W duty carbine, it might be more than just my meager shooting skills at work. 

The new Trijicon Reflex is a non-magnified, self-luminous sight engineered to provide additional light gathering capabilities. The new 42mm lens gives you the largest sight picture possible and the fiber optics technology automatically adjusts the brightness level and contrast of the aiming point to available light conditions. A tritium-phosphor lamp aiming reticle glows in low-light conditions for precise shot placement

The Reflex also offers Parallax-free sighting and enables fast, both-eyes-open target acquisition and accurate aiming and is adjustable for a full range of +/- 30 MOA (one click per inch at 100 yards).

And best of all: No batteries required.

This sight was fast, easy to use, clear and without a doubt a big part of why I was hitting the prairie dogs. With zero magnification, the sight will work fine for everything from CQB out to 300 yards. There is no clutter in the reticle, just put the dot on the target and squeeze the trigger. This is a perfect scope for police and military applications and will serve the homeowner well if a rifle is used for self-defense. As a hunting scope, mount this thing on a brush gun and you'll be shooting fast and accurate in places most hunters would have trouble walking through.

If you want to get your rounds on target quickly, get your hands on a Trijicon Reflex. Check them out at


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