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Hands On! Command Arms Underrail for Glock

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Editor's note: “Hands-On,” by Gun Digest Associate Editor Kevin Michalowski, is a new Web-exclusive series about practical firearms gear, maintenance and usage.

Let's say you are one of the few people — like me — who owns a Glock without a light rail. Well, you can't be drilling and tapping the dust cover on that Austrian-made beauty, but you can get an add-on light rail without any trouble at all.

Command Arms offers the Glock Underbarrel Rail. This finely crafted piece of aluminum clamps right to the trigger guard with a pair of hex screws and nifty dovetail-type connector that leaves you with a rock-solid platform for lights or lasers. The unit installs in minutes, and the fit is outstanding, with the underside of the rail cradling the dust cover perfectly.

But there is down side. Fitting the rail to the trigger guard might mean the pistol no longer fits in your holster. It certainly upset the fit of my pistol in the Uncle Mike's Level III retention holster. But for anyone who might be using an older Glock as a night-stand home-defense gun, the Command Arms Rail is a must-have item. It works best if you won't be hauling your gun around in a holster all day but still want a light.

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