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Gun Digest the Magazine, May 12, 2008

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Inside This Issue

• The new Smith & Wesson Model 25 Classic brings back the styling of a favorite big-bore wheelgun. From the fit and finish, to the rich bluing, to the big, old .45 Colt chambering, the S&W Model 25 is everything you remember. Dave Workman has the details.

• American Western Arms is leading the way with reproductions of
the Colt Single Action Army and pump-action Colt Lightning, Dan Shideler writes. These guns re-create the spirit of the Old West.

• Can one gun be better than several?

• NRA essay winners are announced.

• The election has one clear choice for gun owners. Towsley gives his insight.

• The biography of Robert Ruark paints a vivid picture of the famous author.

• There’s plenty of new gear for shooters and hunters.

• There is a caliber that will not die. Even after almost 100 years, handloaders are getting great performance from the .257 Roberts.

• The M-1A is an outstanding platform for a scout rifle or semiauto sniper system.

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