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Gun Digest the Magazine August 18, 2008

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Inside This Issue

• The Chicago Tribune provides some humor in the wake of Heller.

• Fine European shotguns reviewed.

• For casual shooting, Scott Freigh likes simple, lightweight rifle rests that don’t skimp on user friendliness.

• The NRA hosts wounded warriors at the shooting range.

• Two tools from The Robert Louis Co. really help folks who tinker with shotguns.

• Historic guns continue to bring incredible prices at auction.

• When it comes to gun stocks, there’s nothing like a good piece of walnut.

• Dave Workman says the Springfield Armory Champion Operator is a compact .45 that really delivers.

• With the historic Heller decision in place, expect lower courts to examine gun laws, and don’t be surprised if the case is a factor in the election.

• .50-caliber rifles continue to attract attention from shooters — and antigun
extremists. Here’s an update on pending .50-caliber legislation.

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