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Gun Digest the Magazine, April 14, 2008

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Inside This Issue

• Basic skills and effective practice will keep your rounds on target
out to 400 yards. Jim Scott has the tips you need.

• Guncrafter Industries takes the 1911 to new heights, giving you a
.50 GI big bang from a 1911 platform.

• Sleek and light, the new Kel-Tec could be the ultimate back-up gun.

• You can make new grips for your 1911 with some careful measurements and attention to detail.

• ROTC pistol shooters have a new trophy to compete for, thanks to a generous donor.

• With ammo prices on the rise, handloading makes more sense than ever. The time to start is now.

• The S&W 317 AirLite is an excellent oddity that might just become a valuable collectible.

• The Lee-Enfield “Jungle Carbine” is still popular with collectors, even though its track record in the field was spotty.

• There’s plenty of great new gear for shooters and hunters.

• A book on rifles tells the whole story from the early days to today, and a reproduction of the original Army manual for the 1911 gives you the scoop on a great gun.

• Can an old lever-action become a “tactical” rifle? It can, if you slick up the action and use the gun for self-defense.

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