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Trijicon Adds Green Dot Reticle to Reflex Line

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Trijicon has added the option of a green reticle in its versatile Reflex Line of illuminated optics.
Trijicon has added the option of a green reticle in its versatile Reflex Line of illuminated optics.

Whether it's their ease of use or their ruggedness, Trijicon’s Reflex Line of sights have earned their share of accolades. And the series appears to set to become even more versatile.

The Michigan manufacturer recently announced it is expanding the line to include the choice of a green-dot reticle. Previously, Reflex sights were only available with red reticles.

Trijicon’s move is more than just adding a pretty color to its catalog. There are specific applications where green reticles are said to outperform their red counterparts.

In particular, illuminated green reticles have been reported to be more visible in low-light situations. It is also claimed, the color provides a sharper reference up close, while not obscuring a target at long range.

Presently, Trijicon is offering the new color option only as a dot and in two sizes – 4.5 MOA and 6.5 MOA. And they will include all the bells and whistles of the older editions.

One of the more intriguing aspects of the Reflex Line – no matter reticle color – is they are battery free. Instead, the system relies on Trijicon’s dual-illuminated technology that operates off tritium and fiber optics.

Trijicon's Reflex Line of optics has become known for its ruggedness and ease of use.

The company has attempted to make the light gathering ability of the scope more efficient with a unique design of its illumination system. The fiber optics are laid out in what Trijicon calls a “racetrack design” meant to optimize their ability to collect ambient light.

Similar to the rest of the Reflex Line, the new option should be ready to tackle even the most demanding tasks. The sensitive parts of the optic are protected in a rugged aircraft aluminum-alloy housing, allowing them to endure their fair share of abuse.

The system is designed to work on nearly any firearm platform, with mounting option available for rifles, carbines and shotguns. And, like most illuminated-reticle optics, the Reflex Line offers parallax-free aiming solutions.

The MSRP for the Reflex line runs from $519 to $682.

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