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Gamo Releases Updated Version of Varmint Hunter Air Rifle

Gamo has reintroduced its storied Varmint Hunter air rifle, decked out with some new top-notch features.
Gamo has reintroduced its storied Varmint Hunter air rifle, decked out with some new top-notch features.

Gamo has reintroduced one of its most popular air rifles, offering the Varmint Hunter with a number of top-line features.

Literally and metaphorically, air guns tend to be a quiet corner of the gun world. But if you listen carefully, there is always noise being made in this gun niche.

One of the most recent ruckuses was created by Gamo, who recently released a new take on one of its classics. The Spanish manufacturer has updated its Varmint Hunter with a number of top-line features, which look to add plenty of value to the popular air rifle.

Perhaps the two most notable upgrades to the .177 caliber rifle is Gamo’s addition of its proprietary Smooth Action Trigger and Shock Wave Absorber.

The SAT is a two-stage trigger noted for its short first stage. The trigger has an adjustable second stage, though the pull-weight range was not available on the company’s website.

The SWA is a recoil-reduction pad on the buttstock, which has adjustable configuration. For the most part, most shooters most likely wouldn’t notice the 74-percent recoil reduction Gamo promises from the pad. But those looking to use the rifle for precision target shooting have the potential of being appreciative of the addition.

The break-barrel air gun has continued to be outfitted with one of its more popular features. The rifle is ready to hit the field out of the box adorned with a slick sights and lights package.

The rifle comes with Gamo’s 4×32 Varmint Hunter Kit II scope pre-installed. The optic has a flashlight/laser combo mounted on top, which has a handy pressure-pad control.

The optics aren’t just for show, given the Varmint Hunter produces velocities that helps the rifle live up to its name. The air gun pushes, at the muzzle, Gamo’s premium PBA Platinum pellets 1,250 fps and regular lead pellets 1,000 fps – plenty of oomph to knock a squirrel on his brushy tail.

The Varmint Hunter has an all-synthetic stock and boasts a polymer jacket over its steel barrel. These features keep the gun a manageable 7.15 pounds.

The rifle measures in at 43-inches, boasting an 18-inch barrel. The length of the gun not only aids accuracy, it also helps make the 30-pounds cocking effort easier to tackle.

Gamo has an MSRP of $249.95 on the Varmint Hunter, making it an affordable option in high-powered air rifles.

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