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Editor’s Pick: Blackhawk Speed Clips


Blackhawk Speed Clips: Essential for Gear with MOLLE Straps

If you own anything with MOLLE straps my bet is you rarely if ever change or move the gear attached to your pack or pouch.

The reason? It is such a hassle weaving straps and loops is time-consuming and tedious.

Well, as the old TV pitchmen used to say, “Those days are gone! Blackhawk Speed Clips make rigging your MOLLE gear fast and easy!”

Best of all, this claim is true. Blackhawk Speed Clips are strong, flexible and durable. The carbon-fiber polymer material will never rust, moves easily through the MOLLE loops and can be used with any piece of gear.

If your pouch already has MOLLE straps, you can cut them off or tuck them behind the Blackhawk Speed Clips. Available in 3-, 5-, 7- and 9-inch lengths, the Blackhawk Speed Clips give you the versatility you need to rig your kit the way you want.

Blackhawk Speed Clips Specs

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