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CTK Precision Helps Make AR Stocks Even More Versatile

CTK’s AR Buttstock Rail adapts LUTH-AR stocks for a monopod or other accessories.

LUTH-AR managed a pretty impressive feat. It made one of the world’s most versatile firearms even more so.

The company’s line of fully adjustable buttstocks give shooters the ability to tweak their ARs to fit every nook and cranny of their physiques. As fate would have it, another company has made the extremely flexible stock even more adaptable.

CTK Precision‘s AR Buttstock Rail allows LUTH-AR’s MBA-1 and MBA-2 stocks to be outfitted with CTK’s monopod. This appears to be a solid move, given the design of the buttstocks.

Both the MBA-1 and 2 are popular accessories for those shooting to turn an AR-15 or AR-10 into a precision platform. In part, this is due to the accessory's adjustable cheek rest and the ability to modify a rifle’s length of pull.

CTK’s AR Buttstock Rail and Ultimate Rail-Pod give LUTH-AR stocks an extra element of stability.

The addition of CTK Precision’s Ultimate Rail-Pod adds another dimension to the system. The accessory gives shooters an added element stability and allows for long holds on a target without strain.

The 2.5-inch AR Buttstock Rail quickly attaches to the LUTH-AR stocks and does little to increase the overall bulk of a firearm. And the .7 once 6061 aluminum Picatinny rail is manufacture to Mil-Spec, increasing its handiness by making it compatible with other accessories. As an added bonus, it also includes sling swivel mount points.

CTK’s AR Buttstock rail presently has an MSRP of $35. The Wisconsin company’s Ultimate Rail-Pod is listed at $160 and is compatible with any Picatinny rail system.


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