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Bigger and Badder: PolyCase Ammunition’s New .50 Beowulf Inceptor

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PolyCase Ammunition is one of the newer manufacturers to enter into the ammunition market, with the company springing onto the scene just within the past several years. However, in this short time PolyCase has made a big splash in the ammo sector, especially with its innovative Inceptor ARX defensive projectiles.

These advanced bullets are injection molded from a specially blended metal/polymer matrix and are typically much lighter than standard defensive projectiles. Also unlike usual defensive bullets, the ARX bullets are non-expanding and rely on the revolutionary grooves in the nose of the projectile to transfer energy into the target using both directional and rotational force.

Now, PolyCase Ammunition is bringing this radical bullet technology into the hunting sphere with the introduction of its new .50 Beowulf Inceptor ARX offering.

For those unfamiliar with the .50 Beowulf, it was designed by Bill Alexander, of Alexander Arms, in 2001. It was built to provide enhanced stopping power to AR platform users with an appropriately modified upper and a standard lower, and its dimensions allow it to feed through AR magazines. The .50-caliber cartridge features a heavy projectile typically somewhere in the 300- to 400-grain range traveling anywhere from 1,750 to 1,900 feet per second (fps) or so.

While its slower velocity and heavier bullet limit its effectiveness at longer ranges, the round can be devastating on closer targets. One of the cartridge's most touted uses is as a tactical option for vehicle checkpoints; however, many hunters have also begun to recognize the .50 Beowulf's potential on big game at relatively closer ranges.

For more information on PolyCase Ammunition's new .50 Beowulf Inceptor ARX, check out the video above from our friends at Deer & Deer Hunting.

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