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.223 Home Defense Ammo

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Home defense ammo ideas.

Over-penetration is a concern with home defense ammo no matter what the caliber. Here are some loads up to the task.

When using the .223 for home defense, leave the FMJs for range work. These bullets are designed to punch holes in flesh, steel, wood or nearly any material that is in its trajectory.

Bullet technology has evolved in recent years. Now there are bullets that break apart when they strike drywall or wood, and when they hit flesh, they do no over-penetrate, instead transferring most of the energy into the home invader.

HPR Ammunition’s Black Ops OTF is designed for law enforcement and home defense. Using a 62-grain Open Tip Frangible bullet, it is designed to create massive force trauma in soft targets, while breaking on impact on hard targets.

Other loads suitable for home defense include Hornady TAP FDP Personal Defense Ammunition and Winchester PDX1 Defender Self Defense ammo. The Hornady TAP FDP is deigned to cause dramatic wound cavities while reducing the risk of over penetration. The cases are also nickel plated for optimal reliability.

The Winchester PDX1 60-grain bullet uses Split Core Technology (SCT) that features a quick-expanding front lead core and deep-driving bonded rear lead core.

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