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First Look: SX-2 Alpine HD Spotting Scope Line

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Affordable and high performance, Leupold hits the sweet spot with its new SX-2 Alpine HD spotting scope line.

Unless you’re setting up a tree stand in dark timber, chances are you need quality observational optics. Without a spotting scope or a pair of binoculars, you’ll spend more time on the hoof and less time finding game. Luckily, Leupold has you covered with optics designed to pick out elk from shadows from a country mile.

Recently introduced, the SX-2 Alpine HD spotting scope line delivers impeccable images and ample magnification, upping your chances of filling your tag. Presently two models are available, a 20-60x60mm internal optics and a 20-60x80mm option. In both cases, the scopes offer best-in-class features, ergonomic designs, and field-rugged durability. Oh yeah, and they’re priced in the range most shooters can afford. The MSRP on the 60mm SX-2 Alpine HD is $519.99 and the 80mm $649.99.

“The SX-2 Alpine HD delivers exactly what hunters and shooters want in a spotting scope, and it does it in a price class that you’re not going to be able to beat,” said Zach Bird, Product Line Manager for Leupold & Stevens, Inc. “Our in-house optical engineers are working every day here in Beaverton, OR, to bring consumers the product quality they deserve, and the SX-2 is the perfect example — it’s lightweight, rugged, clear, and exactly what you’ll need whether you’re spending the day at the range or heading out in the field.”

Despite their relatively affordable price tags, the SX-2 Alpine HD scopes have top-notch features, including generous eye boxes to reduce eye strain, comfortable oversized eyepieces and water and fog proofing. Perhaps the most useful feature is Leupold's Twilight Max Light Management System that extends the scopes' usefulness into low-light conditions. Intensifying ambient light and reducing glare, the system keeps images clear even in the dim environments hunters find themselves at dusk and dawn.

Furthermore, the scopes will stand up to the toughest conditions. Leupold’s Diamondcoat lenses come standard on SX-2 Alpine HD scopes, making them nearly impervious to scratches. And high-tech lens coatings further protect the lenses from dirt and water build-up, while enhancing and sharpening images. Additionally, there is a rotating tripod adjustment ring to allow for more flexibility when glassing large areas, along with an integrated, adjustable sunshade.

Of course, the SX-2 Alpine HD scopes come with Leupold’s lifetime warranty. A solid package for the price.

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