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New Gear: Bushnell’s New Laser Sight Options For The AR-15

Bushnell has taken a different tact in its tactical aiming solutions, releasing three new laser sight options for AR-15s, perfect for close-quarters action.

What are the new laser sight options?

Typically when shooters shop for sighting systems for an AR-15, optics are the first thing to pop into mind. But are scopes and red dots always the right answer for every application? Bushnell is betting they aren’t.

The Kansas-based company recently moved a different direction with its tactical aiming solutions, releasing three laser sight systems. Purpose-built and adaptable to a variety of shooting styles and missions, Bushnell’s AR Optics Haste, AR Optics Chase and AR Optics Rush appear to arm shooters with systems dynamite for drawing a bead at close quarters.

“More and more MSR users are finding the benefits of laser sight systems impossible to ignore,” said AR Optics line manager Bryan Parrish. “Our engineers worked tirelessly to advance these systems, with innovative designs purpose-built for the rifle platform. With high-output lasers and easy, one-button, constant-on operation, the Haste, Chase and Rush outperform the competition and offer users a better way to make the shot.”

AR Optics Haste Laser Sight

The Haste's unique design not only provides shooters with a class-III laser sight, but also a way to get a better handle on their rifle. The aiming device’s unique housing provides users with an angled foregrip, giving them better overall control over an AR.

The model attaches to any standard Picatinny rail and is engineered to work with both a standard 16-inch AR-15 carbine and AR pistol. As an added benefit, and headache reducer, the Haste will not run afoul of NFA regulations pertaining to the attachment of a vertical foregrip on pistol configurations.

Operated through ambidextrous push-button controls, the unit is an option for both lefties and righties. And its polymer housing is waterproof, making the Haste ideal for shooters who don’t allow inclement conditions to get in the way.

Other features of the Bushnell Haste include a battery charging system that doesn’t require removal from the rail, full adjustment for windage and elevation and red and green laser sight options. The MSRP for the Haste is $248.95 for the red laser and $348.95 for the green, which will be available in January 2018.

AR Optics Chase Laser Sight

The Chase is two sighting systems in one package. At the push of a button, the sight emits a continuous laser, but in a pinch, it also includes a flip-up post for a physical iron sight. The over-the-bore, forward mounting unit is just the ticket for those who need to transition from close range, to medium or long at a moment’s notice.

Designed for the most rugged usage, the Bushnell Chase is completely waterproof and features a strong exterior housing. The unit comes in red and green class-III laser options, both fully adjustable for windage and elevation, and features push-button controls for both sighting systems. The MSRP of the Bushnell Chase is $301.45 for the red laser sight and $401.45 for the green, available in January 2018.

AR Optics Rush Laser Sight

Designed to integrate into an AR’s existing configuration, while providing a laser sight function, the Rush is versatile. The sight is actually a hi-rise mount with an integrated offset laser that saves space on the platform. This gives shooters the ability to seamlessly transition between any Picattinny rail compatible optic and the laser. The push-button control activates the fully adjustable sighting system, which emits a continuous class-III red or green laser. The MSRP on the Bushnell Rush is $275.95 for the red laser and $375.95 for the green version, which is available in January 2018.

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