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Remington Launches Core-Lokt Tipped Bullets As Hunting Season Approaches

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As many Americans prepare to fill their freezers during the upcoming hunting season, Remington just made the job easier with their new Core-Lokt Tipped bullets.

Currently Available Core-Lokt Tipped Calibers:

Remington’s classic Core-Lokt bullets have been a top choice for hunters for decades, but sometimes even great things have room for improvement. The updated Remington Core-Lokt Tipped bullets boast improved in-flight accuracy, a higher ballistic coefficient and greater expansion over the original design, making them ideal for bagging game at any distance.

A Better Bullet

The magic of the new Core-Lokt Tipped bullets is all in the tip as the name might suggest. Made of green polymer, the new tip simultaneously improves the bullet’s accuracy and lethality. The improved ballistic coefficient that it provides increases accuracy, especially at longer ranges, while the polymer tip was designed to rapidly expand after hitting its target. Original Core-Lokt marketing from 1939 called it the “deadliest mushroom in the woods” due to its gnarly expansion. This new variety of Remington fungi is even more devastating, creating larger wound channels and imparting more energy when compared to the older design. The same lead core and copper jacket were retained from the original Core-Lokt bullets to ensure the same reliable weight retention and deep penetration that they were known for.

Core-Lokt classic (left) Vs. new Core-Lokt Tipped (right).

Pick Your Poison

The new Remington Core-Lokt Tipped bullets are available in nine different calibers with two of them available in three different loadings, making a grand total of thirteen different varieties to choose from. This spread enables Core-Lokt Tipped bullets to be viable for hunting a wide variety of game with a variety of rifles. All Core-Lokt Tipped calibers come in 20-round boxes and have MSRPs ranging from $41.99 to $61.99.

If you’re one of the many Americans counting the days until deer season, consider stepping your game up with Remington’s new Core-Lokt Tipped hunting bullets.

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