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Viridian Releases Green E Series Laser For Springfield Hellcat

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Viridian has just released a green E Series laser sight for the Springfield Hellcat, providing a new aiming option for this popular CCW pistol.

Weapon laser sights are an easy way to gain faster potential target acquisition on any weapon system. For those who train with them, laser sights enable their users to make quick, accurate hits on target without the use of traditional irons or optics. For individuals who’ve been searching for a laser sight to mount on their Springfield Hellcat, Viridian Weapon Technologies has just released a new green E Series laser specifically made to fit this popular CCW pistol.

Viridian President and CEO Brian Hedeen had this to say on the new green E Series laser:

Viridian is offering a green E Series laser sight for the Hellcat. Now Hellcat owners have an even more versatile way to get on target fast. With the compact design of the Hellcat with the E Series laser and the Hellcat’s exceptional capacity, this is a solid option for self-defense.

The new green E Series laser has a 100-yard range in daylight and can reach out over two miles in the dark. While both distances are well beyond the practical range of a Hellcat, the new green laser option has significantly more range than the older red laser model. The laser’s activation button is ambidextrous and will automatically turn off after five minutes to save battery, as its always-on battery life is listed as 60+ minutes. The unit was specifically molded to fit the Hellcat’s trigger guard and mounts using the gun’s Picatinny rail.

The E Series lasers for Springfield Hellcats have an MSRP of $132 and are available now. The unit’s body can be ordered in either black or FDE either with a red laser or the newly available green, and each purchase includes Viridian’s 7-year warranty.

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