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First Look: The Peacemaker CCW Jacket

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The Self Defense Company has just released the Peacemaker CCW Jacket, designed to be both a perfect cover garment and armor carrier.

For those who feel that they need a bit of extra protection while walking around, body armor can be a nice additional piece of kit to have. The problem is that many traditional soft armor vests can be uncomfortable to wear and difficult to conceal without some sort of extra cover garment. The Peacemaker CCW Jacket from the Self Defense Company fixes that.

The Peacemaker CCW Jacket features a front and back slot for inserting 10×12 soft armor panels, and it can be purchased either with or without two level IIIA panels. By fitting the armor inside of a jacket, the Self Defense Company says that this is the most discreet and practical way of wearing concealed armor in day-to-day life. The jacket itself appears to be good quality too, as it’s advertised as being made of a waterproof and wind-resistant blend of nylon and spandex.

The final trick up the Peacemaker CCW Jacket’s sleeve is what the company is calling the Hidden Draw System or HDS. The system allows for its wearer to discreetly access, and even draw and point, a firearm from a belt holster, all while still being concealed by the closed jacket. This would be ideal for a situation where you need to rely on the element of surprise or are unsure if it’s an appropriate time to draw your firearm but feel the need to be ready to do so quickly. To an observer, you’d appear to merely have your hand in your jacket pocket, leaving them unaware that you may already have a gun in your hand.

The Self Defense Company Peacemaker CCW Jacket is available now, it comes in black and is offered in multiple sizes. MSRP for the standalone jacket is $259 and MSRP for the package that includes armor is $467.

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