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Holosun Launches P.ID Weaponlight Series

Holosun, a leading manufacturer of electronic optics, has just launched the P.ID weaponlight series.

Until now, Holosun was entirely focused on aiming solutions. The company’s catalog was mostly comprised of electronic optics, but it also included various mounts, magnifiers and lasers. With the launch of the P.ID weaponlight series, however, visible-light illuminators are now officially part of the lineup as well.


The weaponlight series’ name stands for “Positive Identification,” and Holosun described four different models in the original announcement. However, at the time of writing, only the standard P.ID model is visible on the company’s website. The P.ID HC, PI.D Plus and PI.D Dual models will presumably be listed in the near future. Regardless of the model in question, all PI.D weaponlights are built tough, featuring housings made of waterproof and shock resistant 7075 aluminum. All models will also include interchangeable Picatinny rail interface keys for optimization with different styles of firearm, and they’ve been designed to be compatible with most common light-bearing duty holsters as well.

The standard Holosun PI.D light is advertised as being powerful and compact, capable of at least two levels of intensity. On high mode, it can produce a 1,000-lumen and 23,000-candela output, and while on low mode it has an advertised 60-minute battery life. The battery life on the highest setting is not currently known. All PI.D light models are powered by a single 18350 flat-top battery, and while the battery can be replaced, it’s also rechargeable with the provided magnetic USB charging cable.

The standard Holosun PI.D has an MSRP of $135.28 and is shipping now. The remaining three models are slated to release between the end of this year and early 2023. All models will also include Holosun’s limited lifetime warranty.

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