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First Look: SilencerCo Gas Defeating Charging Handle

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SilencerCo has just released the GDCH or Gas Defeating Charging Handle, here to put the finishing touch on your suppressed AR.

SilencerCo mostly makes silencers, and anyone who has shot an AR-15 with one mounted to it will know that it isn’t always the most pleasant experience. Report, muzzle flash and recoil may all be mitigated by the use of a suppressor, but in AR-style firearms, these benefits are often balanced by a detriment as well. In the process of massively slowing down the escape of hot gasses from the muzzle of the weapon, suppressors force those gasses to go somewhere else instead. On ARs, that’s typically right back into the shooter’s face simply due to the weapon’s design. Aiming to provide a better experience while shooting suppressed ARs, SilencerCo has just released the GDCH or Gas Defeating Charging Handle.

Besides functioning as a standard ambidextrous AR charging handle, the primary feature of the GDCH is its O-ring seal. As simple as it sounds, the O-ring blocks the majority of hot gasses that are propelled back at the shooter when firing suppressed, redirecting them back into the system where they can dissipate more slowly and away from the shooter’s face. This should make shooting suppressed not just more pleasant, but more effective in real-world scenarios as well. SilencerCo claims that what sets the GDCH apart from other companies’ attempts at the same concept is that the GDCH actually works.

The GDCH is compatible with any standard AR platform firearm, includes one spare O-ring and has an MSRP of $114.

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