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Bianchi Releases Convertible Shenandoah Holster

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A versatile new holster made for today’s most popular CCW options, the Bianchi Shenandoah blends old and new materials and can be configured for either IWB or OWB carry.

Bianchi has been a big name in holsters for some time now, and while their classic leather holsters are timeless there are many concealed carriers in 2021 looking for something more modern. Que the Bianchi Shenandoah, their newest holster which blends leather and plastic to bring something with both timeless aesthetics and contemporary functionality.

Eric Gasvoda of the Safariland Group had this to say on Bianchi’s new holster:

The Shenandoah is a bold representation of the new direction of Bianchi Leather…Bianchi is staying true to its roots with the leather build of Shenandoah, but we’re integrating new materials and customizable elements that allow for an increase in functionality for those who want flexibility from their EDC holster.

The new holster was designed to accommodate the most popular micro-9s on the market today, including the Glock 43, Sig P365, S&W M&P Shield and the Springfield Hellcat. It’s also compatible with slide-mounted optics. The Shenandoah features a full-grain leather exterior, a suede-lined injection-molded interior and is available in either brown or black.

The biggest advantage of the Shenandoah holster is its versatility, capable of being configured for either OWB or IWB carry. Included with each holster there are OWB belt loops, IWB adapters, an IWB J-hook, a wedge device and a foam AIWB pad. With only a screwdriver, these different pieces can be swapped around into several configurations to match your ideal CCW method. And unlike on previous Bianchi holsters, the Shenandoah features a retention system as well. Bianchi calls it their “Pinch Retention Device” and it works with the simple click of a dial. Once holstered, the dial can be spun to engage the device with the gun’s trigger guard to provide extra retention and a secure fit.

Precision Retention Device dial.

The new Bianchi Shenandoah may not work with every gun or every CCW method, but it covers a lot more than most holsters do. This appears to be a good option for someone with a modern micro-9 who’s looking for a good do-it-all holster that provides a lot of options. MSRP is $78 and it’s available now.

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