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Win Year’s Supply of Ammo from Laser Sight Manufacturer

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LaserMax set to give a year's supply of ammo.
Those familiar with LaserMax know what the company brings to the table — some of the shooting world's most innovative laser sights. But the company might soon be known for something else — ammo.

No, LaserMax is not expanding its reach into the shooting world by manufacturing ammunition. But in celebration of its 25th anniversary, the New York-based company aims to give nearly a factory-worth of ammo to some lucky shooter.

LaserMax's will award the winner of its Spring Ammo Sweepstakes a year's supply of ammo, which is a prize any gun owner can get excited about, given its short supply as of late. But the company has more reasons than the tight market in selecting ammunition as the award. LaserMax sees keeping shooters shooting as emphasizing the importance of training in maintaining the skill at arms.

“There is simply no substitute for getting adequate trigger time,” LaserMax spokesperson Celia Crane said. “The high prices and limited availability of ammunition has created a barrier to live fire training, which is crucial for the development and maintenance of a shooter’s firearm proficiency.”

LaserMax manufacturers a number of different styles of laser sights for handguns and rifles, including rail-mounted, and guide rod and frame mounted models. The company also has a full line of accessories that work in conjunction with firearms outfitted with laser sights.

LaserMax's Spring Ammo Sweepstakes ends June 20 and a winner will be chosen at random. For more information on the sweepstakes, please visit or the company's Facebook page.

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