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Three New Stevens 555 Compact Models

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Stevens has recently announced that it is expanding its popular new Stevens 555 over-under shotgun line with the addition of three compact models available as a 20-gauge, a 28-gauge and a .410 bore. Obviously, these three new compact models offer a shorter length of pull than the standard 555 to better fit smaller-stature shooters.

The new Stevens 555 Compact models are all priced less than $695, but come with a number of great features. Specifically, the new compact models differ from the standard gun in that they utilize a mid-length forearm and have a 13.25-inch length of pull.

Just as with the original 555, the new Stevens 555 Compact shotguns feature a lightweight aluminum receiver that has been scaled to gauge. For added durability on all the 555s, a steel insert is used to reinforce the breech. In doing this, engineers have minimized the overall weight while still maximizing strength.

Also like the standard model, the new compact guns wear a stylish Turkish walnut stock and forearm and come equipped with shell extractors for easily removing spent shells once the action is opened. Other standard features include a tang-mounted manual safety; a single, selective mechanical trigger; and a 24-inch chrome-lined barrel.

The new Stevens 555 Compact models are currently being shipped out to dealers and will be available at a price of $692. The guns ship with five interchangeable choke tubes to meet a wide variety of shooting needs.

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