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Team Colt Has Strong Showing at IPSC Nationals

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Recently, Colt has made an effort to bolster its brand by increasing its presence in the competitive sector. It has done this, in part, by establishing a dedicated competitive unit under the banner of Team Colt, which includes well-known shooters Maggie Reese and Mark Redl.

During the recent IPSC Nationals, which took place September 17-18 in Frostproof, Florida, both Team Colt shooters had solid performances. Reese and Redl both placed in the elite competition, with Reese leaving with a win.

“We couldn't be more honored by this performance,” said Paul Spitale, VP at Colt. “Team Colt is on the front lines of competitive shooting, championing the excellence that we strive for every day here at the Colt factory.”

Maggie Reese excelled during the event, placing first in the Ladies Class within the Classic Division. “I shot my 9mm Colt Government Model which is perfect for this division,” said Reese. “Shooting a minor caliber (such as 9mm) requires more focus on accuracy because of the scoring structure; consistent shot-placement is critical.”

Meanwhile, Mark Redl placed third in the Senior Class in Classic Division. “I used my off-the-shelf Colt Competition Pistol in 9mm for this match,” said Mark Redl, Team Colt Shooter and Product Manager at Colt. “This was the type of match I had in mind when we were in the design process for this pistol, and the performance I get from it is excellent.”

The competition was demanding, with plenty of Florida heat and a tough course of fire. Featuring shots on both paper and steel targets at distances over 20 yards, including penalty and moving targets, as well as awkward shooting positions and strong-hand/weak-hand scenarios, competitors faced many challenges during the course of competition.

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