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SHOT 2015: CZ Unleashes a Ton of New Firearms

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CZ 805 Bren PS1 Pistol.
CZ 805 Bren PS1 Pistol.

Holy cow, somebody has been perking some extra strong coffee over at CZ. Because with 67 new or updated guns being released at the 2015 SHOT Show, it appears the Czech gun maker has really burned the midnight oil.

Honestly, it doesn’t look like a corner of CZ’s catalog has gone untouched this year with the introduction of new and improved shotguns, pistols and rifles. So without further ado, here is a look at some of the company’s new wares that caught our eye.

CZ has captured a lot of ink already with the introduction of the Scorpion EVO 3 S1. But the 9mm isn’t the only military firearm the company has given a pistol work over.

CZ’s 805 Bren has had its stock removed and is ready to rumble with the growing market of AR-style pistols. The new 805 Bren PS1 Pistol (MSRP $1,982), however, is a bit different than most other comparable guns presently available, in it is piston operated.

CZ 75 B 40th Anniversary edition.

The .223/5.56 pistol has an 11-inch barrel, side charging handle and a monolithic Picatinny rail, among other features. It utilizes STANAG magazines and is capable of being outfitted with a SIG brace.

If either the Scorpion or Bren is too big or out there for shooters, CZ also has a classic that might be worth a gander.

The company has unveiled a hand-engraved 40th Anniversary edition of its CZ 75 B, decked out with some impressive upgrades. The most prominent are the gun’s controls, finished in rainbow titanium nitride, and its grips, high-grade California birds-eye maple.

The catch is the 9mm has a hefty price tag at $1,499. But if you need an excuse to get one, just remind yourself, yours will be one of only 1,000 ever made.


CZ Western Series 550 Sonoran in 26 Nosler.

Right off, CZ bills its Western Series 550 Sonoran as “more of a long-range tack-driver than mountain rifle”. And this year, it has mated the rifle to a caliber that will more than help it live up to that claim.

The Sonoran is now available in the blistering hot Nosler 26, a chambering that will definitely allow hunters to reach out and touch game. According to Nosler’s website, the 6.5mm round is capable of pushing a 129 gr. bullet 3,400 fps at the muzzle. And it retains as much velocity at 400 yards as a .260 Remington produces at its muzzle.

While the Sonoran (MSRP $3,199) has the makings of a match rifle, it was designed with the hunter in mind. This is particularly evident in the rifle’s light weight with the Sonoran tipping the scales at 8 pounds.


CZ Sharp-Tail.

CZ should send smoothbore traditionalists' hearts  soaring with one of its newest models. After all, how many other gun makers are introducing new side-by-side shotguns this year?

CZ’s Ringneck side-by-side inspired the company’s new CZ Sharp-Tail (MSRP $1,022), but the new shotgun is not a carbon copy, by any means. The shotgun has a much smaller action, with coil springs operating the hammers, rather than leaf. And it boasts redesigned sears for a crisper break on the trigger pull.

The gun also has a single selectable mechanical trigger. It is stocked in Turkish Walnut, has a color case-hardened finish on its boxlock and blued barrels.

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