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Shooting Ranges Can Score Set of Youth Firearms Via First Shots Seminars

Shooting clubs can benefit from participating in the NSSF's First Shots program.

Created by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, First Shots has helped introduce thousands of newcomers to the shooting sports, at ranges nationwide, and has proven itself a valuable tool for attracting newcomers to the shooting sports.

“Keystone Sporting Arms believes in firearms safety and getting youth started with the right equipment to ensure the best experience,” said Bill McNeal, Keystone's owner.

So, a set of five Crickett and Chipmunk rifles will be distributed to the first 200 ranges that commit to presenting two First Shots seminars in 2011;  at least one of these seminars must be specifically for parents and youths.

Any shooting ranges that have already been presenting First Shots seminars should schedule their 2011 events now.  Ranges yet to try First Shots?  In addition to the generous cooperative advertising reimbursement to which First Shots host ranges are always entitled, an additional coop advertising program has been built into this special Keystone promotion.

For more information, visit First Shots at

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