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Savage Announces Micro-Compact 9mm Stance Pistol

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Savage Arms has just announced the release of the Stance pistol, the company’s first micro-compact 9mm handgun for concealed carry.

Micro-compact 9mm carry pistols are the hottest thing on the market right now, and it seems that every company out there wants in on the action. Even Savage, a company that has not made a traditional handgun in over 100 years, has now decided to throw their hat in the ring as well. The newly announced Stance pistol has some features that make it a strong competitor to existing micro-9s on the market. A few variations are already available, and Savage claims that the company will be expanding the Stance into a whole new family of pistols as time moves on.

Chambered for 9mm and sporting a 3.2-inch barrel, the Stance pistol has some features that distinguish it from other popular micro-9 models. Prioritizing concealability and comfort of carry over magazine capacity, the Stance pistol holds a few rounds less than its competitors in order to have a slimmer profile. It can accept either 7, 8 or extended 10-round mags, and two are included with each pistol (one 7 and one 8-round).

The Stance pistol likely gets its name from its grip angle. Set for the popular, natural-pointing 18-degree angle, the grip also comes with two interchangeable backstraps to accommodate different hand sizes. The grip features aggressive stippling all the way around as well.

It has ambidextrous magazine and slide release buttons, and it uses an internal chassis as the serialized component to allow for switching grips without the need for extra transfers. The gun is also available without a manual safety. Other features on the Stance pistol include a ported slide, a wide, short-reset trigger and snag-free sights.

Currently, package options for the Stance pistol include a choice between night sights or standard 3-dot sights, a manual safety or no safety, and either a black, grey or FDE finish. It is also available with a Viridian laser. The laser attaches via the trigger guard, as the Stance has no under-barrel Picatinny rail. MSRPs for the new Stance pistols range from $479 at their most basic to $561 with the included laser. The Stance looks like a solid new CCW pistol, but the lack of an optics-ready option already puts it behind the curve of most of its competitors. Savage will almost certainly be releasing an optics-ready version in the future, so if that interests you it may be worth waiting.

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