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Review: Does Big Daddy Unlimited Save Money?

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We put Big Daddy Unlimited to the test to see if the subscription-based gun retailer is worth the money.

Gun deals, who doesn’t love them? Though, the ones that keep your wallet fat and your gun safe stocked are few and far between. This is why Big Daddy Unlimited hit our radar.

Ballyhooing on YouTube for some time now, the website promises some of the best deals to hit your modem. Bold words and common as cobwebs. Nearly every retailer promises the same, few deliver. Which led us to wonder, is Big Daddy Unlimited on the level or just another world-wide-web bag of hot air.

Different System

At its quick, Big Daddy Unlimited is your everyday gun and gear retailer. They sell firearms, ammo, gun parts and gun accessories. Nothing innovative there. But they tend to do so at considerable lower prices.

So, what’s the magic? As is self-evident, the company doesn’t rely on a mark-up to make its money, but subscriptions instead. Hey, it works for Costco and Sam’s Club. As a bonus, gun buyers aren’t reliant on hit-and-miss sales or once-a-year clearance events, to save money.

Here’s how Big Daddy Unlimited’s subscription services shake out. The company offers a rock-bottom $0.99 introductory month. From there it cost $9.95 to remain a member; in both cases you can cancel at any time. In the scheme of things it isn’t a king’s ransom. But does it pan out?

Putting It To The Test

We figured it was worth the time to see precisely how Big Daddy Unlimited stacked up against non-subscription retailers. We picked five random products and looked them up at the BDU, and Upfront, we fully admit this is an unscientific survey, but it sheds light on how Big Daddy’s compares to two large and well-respected retailers.

As is evident, Big Daddy’s prices won across the board, particularly in firearms and optics prices. Shooters stand to save more than $100 in the case of the G19 and $110 with the Meprolight optic. Very substantial. But ammunition and gun maintenance gear, the difference was much more moderate, only a few bucks here and there.

Admittedly, this is not definitive proof that Big Daddy Unlimited beats every whip-stitch of the retail gun market. Gun and gear stores abound, so there are potentially gem deals lingering on the fringes. Additionally, there are thousands of other products we did not compare. Therefore, the potential of one of the standby’s beating Big Daddy is there. However, for a random test, it was hearing.


Overall, the web retailer has a respectable catalog. Common manufacturers—such as Glock—are among the ranks and many other familiar names—Beretta, Walther, Marlin and Sig to name a few. Several smaller/specialist gunmakers are in Big Daddy’s ranks too, which doesn’t leave consumers wanting in selection.

That said, the on-line retailer is governed by scarce resources like every other store on the planet. In turn, you won’t find every make/model/caliber ever to roll off a particular company’s assembly line. But the most popular calibers seem available and a smattering of slightly less common choices are at your beck and call.

Who Does It Fit?

So, does Bid Daddy Unlimited fit every shooter? That’s a tricky question. The answer is yes for those in the market for big-ticket items or individuals that make routine purchases. No doubt, those gun consumers will breakeven and save big with the retailer. Folks that only make a few small purchases yearly, Big Daddy Unlimited loses some of its shine. If all you require is a bottle of gun lube and a jar of Hoppe’s No. 9 once a year, you might be better off ambling to your local retailer.

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