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New Holsters: DeSantis Introduces The Osprey And Infiltrator

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Designed with comfort and flexibility in mind, DeSantis' new holsters should facilitate comfortable concealed carry.

The two new DeSantis carry holsters:

Next to your delicates, there’s nothing more personal than a holster. And like underwear, you pick the wrong one and it’s a real pain in the rear.

That’s the short and long of why there are so many dang makes, models, styles, designs and systems to secure your handgun to your person. Not every holster was meant to or will function optimally for every person. It’s a somewhat uncomfortable lesson armed citizens quickly learn; and in the process, it earns them a small legion of just-off Kydex and gunleather that junks up the back of a closet or utility drawer.

DeSantis Gunhide has either simplified this process or complicated it, depending on where you stand, with the introduction of two new holsters. Executed with the company’s eye to detail, the two rigs cover nearly every carry style short of pocket and ankle.


Constructed from premium tan saddle leather, the Osprey has a classic holster look, configured for convenience and versatility. With slots that accommodate belts up to 1 ½ inches wide, the holster is designed for both inside- and outside-the-waistband carry. Additionally, when utilized IWB, the Osprey can cant to user preferences and is adjustable without tools. And a single screw gives a user complete control of the holster's tension. The Osprey has a fairly affordable price tag, $69.99, and is compatible with medium and large autoloaders and is available for a number of popular makes and models, including:

Infiltrator Air

Strictly an IWB holster, the Infiltrator Air is designed for the utmost comfort when it’s up close and personal. A backboard constructed of breathable synthetic material accomplishes this, molding to the body, while allowing airflow. Additionally, the material has wicking properties, pulling perspiration away from the skin, so the holster doesn’t create a personal swamp even on hot days. DeSantis’ hybrid holster features a precision-molded Kydex retention system, custom fit to specific makes and models. Retention is adjustable by tightening or loosening six screws that marry front to back. The holster attaches to a belt with adjustable C clips; however, J clips are available for the rig. Compared to many hybrids on the market today, the Infiltrator Air is competitively priced at $89.99 and is compatible with a wide spectrum of semi-automatic pistols and revolvers, including:

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