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Kinetic Concealment Aims for Comfort with new Hybrid Holster

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hybrid holster
Kinetic Concealment hybrid holster

If there is one complaint that tops all others when it comes to inside the waistband holsters it's comfort.

Anybody who conceal carries is certain to have that drawer or cabinet filled with that type of holster, ones that poked them in the side, never broke in correctly or just didn’t feel right. But a new kid on the block believes it’s found the trick in providing comfort and performance when it comes to IWB carry.

At first glance, Kinetic Concealment appears to offer just another hybrid holster. But at closer inspection, the Tennessee-based company has added a material into the mix that could rub wearers the right way – neoprene.

The holster is backed with the synthetic rubber, which is then covered with a sheet of nylon fabric. The idea is to provide a softer intermediary between the body and the holster, instead of exposing the wearer to they typically stiff, coarse leather backing.

The company points out the neoprene can be used in conjunction with an undershirt, but also can be carried comfortably against the skin. This certainly has the potential to open up wardrobe options, especially in the more hot and humid corners of the country.

The company also touts neoprene's ability to provide better protection for the gun. The rubber creates a barrier between the wearer and their sidearm, instead of allowing to baste on a long day of carrying.

The rest of the holster is made of materials familiar to most people who carry – leather and Kydex. These have been the staples of hybrid holsters for some time, but Kinetic Concealment has incorporated some features with these old standbys that are certain to catch the eye.

Instead of riveting the Kydex holster to the leather backing, it is screwed into place and has the option to be raised and lowered. As Kinetic Concealment puts it, the Kydex can be set at a “high-ride” or “low-ride” in relation to the waistband. The added benefit to screwing in the Kydex is it also allows for a certain amount of tension adjustment.

Like the neoprene, this feature appears to give greater wardrobe options, helping the holster adapt to clothing. Add in that it has adjustable belt loops that can be set to three different cants, the holster seems like it aim for versatility as much as it does comfort.

The system uses Chicago-style screws, which lie relatively flush and look to cause little wear on clothing. The company offers the holster in both left- and right-hand models. And it comes in fits for almost every major semi-automatic handgun on the market.

Kinetic Concealment’s IWB holster is near the high end of hybrid market, retailing for $76.95 on its website. But if the holster's comfort and versatility work as advertised it could save money in the long run, not to mention drawer space.

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