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CZ Releases Competition Ready P-10 F Pistol

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Originally designed for self-defense, the CZ P-10 series is now competition-ready with the new P-10 F.

CZ P-10 F Features:

CZ’s flagship pistol, the CZ-75, began its life as a military and defensive handgun only for it to eventually evolve into the slew of competition-oriented variants that exist today. Now, their P-10 striker-fired series has begun the same process. The CZ P-10 F is their first competition-ready striker-fired pistol to come to market, and time will tell if it proves to be as popular as the Shadow or Tactical Sport series.

Improved Accuracy

Both the mechanical and practical accuracies of the CZ P-10 F have been improved over the standard model, primarily due to its longer barrel and sight radius. The new cold hammer-forged 5-inch barrel also features a 9mm match chamber for increased consistency and improved feed ramp geometry for more reliability.

Practical accuracy was further improved by the P-10 F’s standard fiber-optic front sight and flat HB Industries trigger. The slide has also been cut to accept a variety of pistol red dot sights.

Upgraded Ergos

Like the original P-10, the P-10 F has a polymer frame and comes with three interchangeable backstraps. It also still has a reversible magazine release and an ambidextrous slide release lever, except they are now made by Apex Tactical and feature enlarged, easier to access controls. Like the original iteration, the P-10 F also still has forward and rear slide serrations, but they appear to be more aggressive on the new competition model.

If you participate in any kind of pistol shooting competitions and enjoy the CZ P-10 platform, the P-10 F is for you. It offers familiar ergonomics and controls to the standard defensive model but has been improved for competition use. Its gold accents and MSRP of $999 ensure that you won’t forget that fact. Ten-round magazines are also available for ban-state residents. If the new CZ P-10 F proves a popular piece for competitors, it will be interesting to see how CZ’s competition striker-fired line expands and develops.

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