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CrossBreed Adds SpeedLoader Case to Catalog

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CrossBreed's new Speedloader Case, designed by Grant Cunningham.
CrossBreed's new Speedloader Case, designed by Grant Cunningham.

There is something reassuring about a revolver.

Not prone to malfunctions and able to fire every time the trigger is pulled, it is a top choice for self defense. However, revolvers present their own set of challenges, especially as a concealed-carry piece.

Among the most troublesome is how to tote along spare ammo. However, one of the nation’s top holster manufacturers appears to have come up with an elegant solution.

CrossBreed Holster’s Speedloader case allows revolver fans to carry fresh rounds conveniently on the belt in a hassle-free fashion. The ambidextrous case is designed to place a speedloader flush against the body, keeping it in reach, while still being out of the way.

What looks to be an ingenious way to carry extra ammo is the brain child of one of the better known names in revolvers. Grant Cunningham is among the most experienced revolver experts and instructors in America (he literally wrote the book on revolvers).

Cunningham, per the video below, actually designed the case sometime ago, having his wife whip up the accessory. He brought it to CrossBreed after years of being asked where the case could be purchased.

Presently, the Missouri company is selling cases for some of the most popular calibers of revolvers. The accessory fits most five-shot .38 Special/.357 Magnum speedloaders.

And the case also has material options. The retention loop where the speedloader is carried, comes in two choices of leather – black cowhide or natural horsehide. The device weights only 2 ounces without a speedloader and is 3.75 inches in height and 2 inches in both width and length.

Presently, CrossBreed lists its SpeedLoader Case $39.95.

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