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Concealed Carrie: A Pistol in the Purse

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Concealed Carrie - CCW bags and purses for women

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but for the founder of Concealed Carrie — a company that makes high-end purses and handbags for women who carry concealed handguns — there's no reason why that invention needs to be ugly. Here is the story of Leslie Deets, and her war on hideous handbags.

It all started at a handgun training class for women. They showed up with guns stuck in their bras, in cumbersome holsters and in ugly tactical handbags.

“The handbags looked hideous,” says Leslie Deets, founder of Concealed Carrie, a maker of fashionable handbags that can conceal handguns.

The other women in the class agreed: the current concealed carry options for women were pretty unfashionable and that gave Deets the sudden inspiration to start her new business.

A designer by trade, she studied trends in high-end handbags, drew up her own designs with a separate compartment that conceals a handgun securely, yet allows for quick access.

Each handbag has a removable and adjustable holster so users can arrange the way they draw their handgun according to their liking. The line of handbags includes totes, satchels, hobos and computer carry-alls that come in ostrich and crocodile prints and smooth and distressed leather.

“We had a lot of men purchasing these handbags for their wives over the holidays,” said Deets. Her philosophy is that fashion should not be completely sacrificed to function.

She even believes her handbags will encourage women to carry a handgun more often since many fashion-conscious women would rather not carry any handgun at all if it means lugging around a military-styled man purse or having to wear a holster that sticks out in the wrong places. Prices range from $249 to $299.

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