The Rhino stainless is quite an eyeful.
The Rhino stainless is quite an eyeful.

The Rhino’s barrel lies much lower than on other pistols and you can appreciate that and the short trigger travel on double action rapidfire. It is very fast and controllable. I just wish Bill Jordon was alive to see this because I think he would like it. Accuracy is all you need for hunting.

At 25 yards I was shooting and hitting 1 1/2- and 2-inch chips easily and centering a gratifying number of them with all ammo fired. I am not worried about missing any game fired at with this gun. I can think of a lot of rifles I would have less confidence in. The pistol points well for instinct shooting and is easy to hit with.

Aside from hunting, there are those who use the .357 Magnum revolver for police work. These users should try out the Rhino and see if its qualities make it the best choice for them. There is a lot of personal preference involved in choosing a revolver but many of those using the .357 Magnum revolver will be glad that they tried out the Rhino.

There are many factors one considers when selecting a revolver, some real and some imagined. The realities of the advantages the Rhino offers should more than offset its unconventional looks. Remember, the first revolvers looked pretty funny to everyone in 1836 but they sure did displace the single shot pistol.
The moral? Don’t be afraid to try something new. You might like it.

This article is an excerpt from Gun Digest 2012.

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  1. It doesn’t matter what the price is, if nobody will carry it. It’s not available in California. It’s too new and too strange. The official company literature states that the MSRP as $800-$900.