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Wilson Combat 6.8Recon serves well as a lightweight sniper rifle. The OD green coloron receiver and barrel blends in with foliage.


Wilson Combat

I have, in my opinion, saved the very best for last. I had theprivilege of attending a writer’s conference at Wilson Combat inBerryville, Arkansas. I think what has to be the finest 1911’s comefrom Wilson, and I am convinced of this because I was able to watchthem being made. But Wilson is so much more than 1911s thesedays.

They are big into long guns as well. Wilson Combat,who took over Scattergun Technologies, builds some of the finestand most purpose-refined, combat 12-gauge shotguns around. Thestart with the Remington 870 Magnum, and perform a number ofupgrade and refinements on it to make it the elite of the combatshotgun. I received a “Standard Model” from them to work with,after having fired it at their range. The term “Standard” is trulya misnomer. Wilson adds so many options it is tough to call it“standard.” Wilson has for a long time had their Remington Stealprogram wherein you send them your old 870 shotgun, and theyupgrade it and update it to their standards – quite the deal.


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But there’s more. Wilson is really moving into the AR market bigtime. I worked with their AR’s at the conference, and noted ownerBill Wilson’s interest in and love for the 6.8 SPC round, anexcellent cartridge that I feel makes the ideal law enforcementsniper round, especially for suburban, urban and light rural areas.It sits in power squarely between a heavyweight (75- to 77-grain)5.56mm and the “full power” .308 main battle cartridge.

I talked with Wilson manager John May about taking their SPR5.56 mm rifle concept, and upping the ante to 6.8 SPC, and makingit an “Urban Sniper” type rifle. Well that gun is here, and I haveprobably the first one, which Wilson is calling their “6.8 Recon”,a name which is a little friendlier sounding, but speaks of manlyserious action. This is a serious gun, and is excellent for thepolice designated marksman mission. Available in a heavy matchgrade 16- or 18-inch barrel model (mine is 18), I had it coated inthe OD green Armor Tuff to match my area mission background. Thematch barrel is mated to their Accu-Tac prong type flash hider.They coated the barrel (important) and the receiver both, whichmeans I won’t have to camo wrap the gun. www.wilsoncombat.com

There you have it. The problem withhaving so many companies out there making ARs and tactical longguns is that there are so many companies out there making ARs andtactical long guns. It is just impossible to list them all in oneshort pub.


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