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Big Green is continuing to supply us with great tactical stuffin the long gun arena. The 870 Police Magnum, when it boils down toit, is still an 870. Which is certainly not a bad thing. The 870 istime-tested, reliable to a fault and will last a lifetime. But itisn’t anything that is really new. The 887 Nitro Mag Tactical issomething new!

I believe that it, and others like it, such as the Benelli Nova,are the future of tactical pump shotguns, and maybe pump shotgunsin general. The 887 isn’t just an 870 with the numbers altered, itis an entirely new gun. Built with an armored polymer covering onthe entire surface of the gun (which Remington calls Armor-Lokt) itis about totally impervious to abuse. What is remarkable about the887 is that beyond the armor, it is READY to rock right out of thebox. It has the new screw in REM TAC choke/muzzle break that isbuilt in the crenalated “stand off “ style, which is helpful whenusing breaching rounds to pulverize door locks.

Sights are an excellent green Hi-Viz, front sight pipe that fitsnicely into a rear u-notch trough that runs down the middle of apicatinny rail mounted on top of the receiver. It has a six roundextended magazine tube, with a small section of picatinny attachedto the barrel band on the right side. On the left side of the mountis the front sling swivel attachment point. The slide releasebutton is on the front center of the triggerguard, making it trulyambidextrous. The safety is at the rear of the triggerguard. Thetraditional style stock has the new Remington Super Cell recoilpad, and believe me, this recoil pad makes a big difference in thislightweight 12. www.remington.com


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Although this is a little out of my purview, I’ve got to mentionone new Savage bolt gun-the new law enforcement Model 10 PrecisionCarbine. For those of you who believe the bolt gun .308 is the onlyway to go in terms of a precision marksman rifle, but you don’twant one of the heavyweight models best suited for prone or benchshooting only, you may be interested in the Model 10 Precision. TheFBI Law Enforcement Sniper Qualification course has you fire atdistance of 100 yards. Do we really need a 15-pound rifle with allthe gear to do that?

The Savage Precision Carbine is a carbine with a 7-pound weightand a 20-inch barrel and comes with the Savage Accustock in asubdued army digital camo pattern, while the barrel is left plainblack. There are two forward sling swivel mounts, one for a bipodand one for a sling swivel-nice touch. There is a detachable-againnice touch-four-round box magazine for either .308 or .223 caliber.If I wasn’t a dedicated AR shooter for my sniper position on theSRT Team, this is a gun I would seriously, and I mean seriously,consider for my duty rifle. PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE

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