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Having been a long term fan of the Benelli M2 Tactical 12-gaugerecoil-operated semi-automatic shotgun, I found the ARGO (AutoRegulating Gas Operated) dual piston system) on the M-4 to be evenmore to my liking because it recoils less than the M2. The ARGO M-4dual piston system is self cleaning and very reliable, which is thereason why the M-4 has been chosen as the new U.S. Joint ServiceCombat Shotgun.

The ARGO system is also used on the MR1 5.56mm self-defenserifle, which uses the same buttstock and pistol grip as the M-4.Both weapons exhibit Italian flair for design, and are outstandingdefense choices, even if the MR1 does not have a standard “battlerifle” appearance.


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The M-4 Tactical is available in Black or Desert Camo (I wouldlike to see an OD green version-we wont be fighting in desertsforever-and that camo pattern isn’t for everyone). The M-4 isavailable with the pistol grip or interchangeable standard stylestock, which I prefer. If you are going to get an MR1 rifle to pairwith the MR4, get the pistol grip stock to maintain commonality.Magazine capacity of the M-4 is 5 shots. The MR1 takes standardAR-15 mags. You would be hard pressed to find a better tacticalcombo!


There are several items of interest on the Bushmaster front. Tome the most interesting new product is not a gun, nor is it anaccessory to a gun, but a new camo finish called A-TACS (AdvancedTactical Concealment System – https://a-tacs.com ) which is designedto break up the outline of the gun. Unlike grossly ugly Armydigital camo, the A-TACS system is composed of what is calledorganic pixels, instead of the large square pixels. But the A-TACSpattern looks really good, and doesn’t look like hunting camoeither. It is serious battle camo. Check out the pictures of gunsand uniforms in that style at the A-TACS website.

If you like big boy ARs in .308, Bushmaster has a new .308Optics Ready Carbine, with (and this is the significant part) amid-length gas port. The mid-length port softens the sharpness ofthe action’s operation compared to shorty M-4 length gas ports, andalso shoots slightly cooler. The ORC comes with a six-position M-4stock, large oval handguards, and two short upper receiver stripsof rail for the optic. There is an A2 Flash Hider.

Of course Bushmaster’s biggest news is their Adaptive CombatRifle or ACR, Bushmaster’s version of the SCAR concept. I havehandled a specimen at my main shooting supply place, Vance’s inColumbus, Ohio. The concept is interesting, and has some merit, butpersonally, I find nothing really wrong with the AR platform as itis, and there is a huge industry built around it to support it.Further, the ACR is pretty pricey, but if you want a newly designedmodern piston driven combat rifle that can easily and quicklychange its configuration and caliber, then the ACR may be for you.www.bushmaster.com


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