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Massad Ayoob Goes Beyond Stand Your Ground Laws

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Massad Ayoob: Stand Your Ground Laws and Concealed Carry Expert

Massad Ayoob's second edition of the Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry contains detailed information on Stand Your Ground laws and the Castle Doctrine.

If the video above isn't enough to prove Massad Ayoob's expertise on Stand Your Ground laws, his new book, Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry 2nd Edition, should lay any doubt to rest. This updated volume covers the hottest issues surrounding concealed carry today, including so-called Stand Your Ground laws and the Castle Doctrine.

* Comprehensive coverage of the nuances of Castle Doctrine and stand your ground laws, including details from Ayoob’s experience in recent cases.

* An update to where you can (and can’t) carry, including a discussion of reciprocity and recent Supreme Court victories for concealed carry.

* In-depth discussion of spare ammo for concealed carry weapons.

* Insight into the importance of lights for concealed carry, including a review of available options.

* A concealed carry holster update, where Ayoob tests many of the newest holster materials and models, discussing the rising popularity of hybrids (“a mating of leather with Kydex or polymer”), Remora holsters, breakaway pants, holsters for women and the Versacarry.

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Why is this the Best Book on Concealed Carry and Stand Your Ground Laws?

“A critical undercurrent throughout is what to expect if you ever have to face a prosecutor or plaintiff's attorney in court after a self-defense shooting.” – Nathan Howk, Amazon reviewer

“Mr. Ayoob opened my eyes to more than just carrying a concealed weapon. His insight to the mentality of carrying a concealed weapon is amazing. While I haven't finished the book, what I have read has changed my thought prosses about carrying. The way you think, the weapon you choose to carry, how you choose to carry it, were just a few of the eye openers that has changed my thinking.” – Randall L. Williams, Amazon reviewer

“This work is absolutely essential reading for anyone who is considering carrying a firearm. Mr. Ayoob is one of the most well-respected firearms instructors in the United States and his years as a law enforcement officer prove useful as he explains every aspect of concealed carry.” – C.A. Curry, Amazon reviewer

Read an Excerpt: Massad Ayoob on Stand Your Ground Laws

The following excerpt about Stand Your Ground Laws is from Massad Ayoob's new book:

I can tell you that the old aphorism from law school is absolutely true: “If the law is on your side, pound on the law…if the facts are on your side, pound on the facts…and if neither the law nor the facts are on your side, pound on the opposing party.” Well, you wouldn’t have shot someone in self-defense if the facts and the law weren’t on your side, so that leaves the clueless or politically motivated prosecutor wrongfully charging you, or the greed-motivated plaintiff’s lawyer suing you, only one avenue by which to attack you. It won’t be honest, it won’t be clean, and it won’t be pretty.

Let’s look first at Castle Doctrine. There are some situations where it doesn’t hold true. If the person you shoot also had a right to be in your home at the time of the shooting, this defense is voided. We see that all the time in domestic violence shootings, when the woman who had to fire was the victim of the abusive husband who attacked her, and with whom she shared the “castle.” Ditto roommates, ditto even originally-invited guests who went crazy once they were there.

Stand Your Ground? If the other guy also had a right to be there, it’s going to come down to who was the murderous, unlawful aggressor and who was the innocent intended victim who wore what the courts call “the mantle of innocence.” For one thing, if the initial attacker tries to break off the assault and flee, and the original innocent victim then shoots him in the back, the “stand your ground” defense for the latter is now off the game board.

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Your Turn: What Do You Think About Stand Your Ground Laws?

Do you think Stand Your Ground laws go too far or not far enough? What are these laws like in your area? Leave a comment below.

Gun Digest says: “Stand Your Ground laws are an important part of concealed carry. Without them, those who practice concealed carry would face unreasonable prosecution, subverting rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment.”

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