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Since 1944, Gun Digest has been considered “The World's Greatest Gun Book.” That's because it's full of gun information.

The new 2013 edition stays true to the tradition of excellence in firearms literature and gun information. It features in-depth articles about antique guns, testfire gun reviews on the latest guns, gun collecting secrets and roundups of what's new from leading manufacturers. Its gun information is unrivaled by any other book!

What are People Saying About the Gun Information in Gun Digest 2013?

“This is a solid chunk of book, with lots of great illustrations and tons of good information. I bought it as a present for a friend and am very happy with it.” – Bob Lovely, Amazon reviewer

“Gun Digest was — and is — the 900-pound gorilla of firearms annuals. It didn’t matter if you were a handgunner, trap-shooter, historian, hunter, collector or even a rotten little kid from Indiana — Gun Digest always had something for you…In what other annual could you find articles by Elmer Keith, Jack O’Connor, Maj. George Nonte, Warren Page, Lucian Cary and dozens of other towering figures in shooting literature? No wonder Gun Digest had a world-wide following. In fact, it’d be surprising if it didn’t.” – Dan Shideler, editor of Gun Digest 2012

What Gun Information is Inside Gun Digest 2013?

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Read an Excerpt From Gun Digest 2013

Before you order a copy, click here to read a preview article from Gun Digest 2013 about cleaning rifles. In it, Tom Tabor tackles one of the 10 shooting myths he exposes in his Gun Digest 2013 feature.

Hint: A dirty barrel is sometimes better than a clean one. It's revealing gun information like this that's made this series such a hit.


Gun Digest 2013: Get Gun Information Now

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Join the millions of firearm enthusiasts who count themselves as Gun Digest fans. Whether you're into hunting firearms, competition firearms, concealed carry firearms, tactical firearms, military firearms or just need reliable gun information, you'll find something to love in Gun Digest 2013.

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