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Gun Digest Authors Signing Books at NRA Annual Meeting

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Massad Ayoob
Massad Ayoob

Gun Digest authors Gila Hayes, Massad Ayoob and Grant Cunningham will be meeting with fans and signing books at the National Rifle Association’s 2014 Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Indianapolis, Ind., April 25 and 26.

The three firearms authors will make separate special appearances at the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network, Inc. booth during the event. Fans are encouraged to arrive early, as each author will be signing a limited number of complimentary copies of their book, courtesy of Gun Digest Media.

The Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network, Inc. is an organization of gun owners dedicated to the legal protection of members facing the scrutiny of the legal system after using deadly force in self defense.

Massad Ayoob, an internationally recognized authority in the firearms world, has authored thousands of articles and more than a dozen books on guns and self-defense topics. Ayoob is an Advisory Board Member for the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network and directs the Massad Ayoob Group. His most recent book, Gun Safety in the Home, guides readers to a more comprehensive understanding of safe firearm handling and secure storage methods in the home, and encourages parents to educate their children about guns.

Gila Hayes, author of Concealed Carry for Women, has been teaching gun safety and armed self defense since 1993. She is one of the three founders of the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network and currently serves as its Operations Manager.

Grant Cunningham is a renowned author, teacher and gunsmith. In his new book, Defensive Revolver Fundamentals, he makes a convincing case for utilizing the revolver as a personal defense firearm.

Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network, Inc. Signing Schedule (Booth #4262):

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