Read the Winning Entry for the Swarovski Z5 Scope Contest

Back in January, we asked our readers to answer a question and be entered to win a Swarovski Z5 Scope worth over $1600. The question was How would this Swarovski Scope help take your accuracy to the next level?

Your thousands of answers ranged from brutally honest

“wont know until i win”

…to scientific

“Better glass = better shooting.”

…to short & sweet.


But there could only be one winner. Swarovski Optik is dedicated to providing shooters and hunters with superior vision, and that's exactly what Mr. Matt Haakenson of Anchor Point, Alaska, displayed with his winning entry:

“On an Alaskan mountainside, I spot three Dall’s sheep on a far ridge. It’s easy to spot the big one, but hard to get closer without spooking them. With daylight fading, time is of the essence. I’ve had a lot of time at the range, but this is the test. Settling into a solid rest, still as the rock I lay on, the Swarovski is amazingly bright and clear. The sheep looks magnificent, and I realize my heart is pounding. Taking a moment to calm down, breathing the cool, damp air, I take in the beauty of a land that only God could have made. Then, steadying my hands, and adjusting my rest, I flick the safety off and aim carefully. Resting my breath, my finger squeezes—ever so gently—the trigger. Before I hear the boom of the rifle, or the bullet hitting its target a split-second later, I know the shot is good.”

Matt says:

“I've been hunting since I was a kid. Growing up in rural Alaska, I spent more time in the woods than I did watching TV. Like many hunters, I'm unsuccessful a fair majority of the time, but hiking back down a hard trail at dusk—with a light pack and an unfired rifle—has hardly ever seemed like a disappointment. The practice shooting, the preparation and the planning all make life a little richer and fuller. The time spent in the field brings reality a little closer than the rushed pace of everyday life. Sometimes, I go hunting and I just want to stay there.”

Enjoy your new Swarovski Scope and Good hunting to you, Matt, from all of us at Gun Digest!

If your Scopes are looking a little underpowered, don't worry, we will be having another Swarovski Z5 Scope Contest in the coming weeks. Be sure you're on the Gun Digest Facebook page or the Gun Digest Email Newsletter to be notified when it starts. You will be able to enter once a day, so don't miss your chance!

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