Razel — A Knife or a Razor, It Is A Hell of a Tool! – Page 2

The cutting ability of the Razel was put tothe test- and the test was passed on all occasions.

The blade combines in a meeting of chisel and razor and offers achoice of using two points. The points are on either side of theforward cutting edge. There are also patented Veff serrations onthe top of the blade. These serrations take some getting used to asthey differ significantly from others I have used. But the fact isdifferent is good in this case and the serrations work well. Thisis a knife with more practical features than are evident when youfirst heft the piece. Even the butt of the blade has receivedattention.


No useful steel surface is left to chance. Any area that may beuseful is utilized.  The butt or pommel features a combinationof tools. The first is a bottle opener. This is pretty obvious, butthe bottle opener may also be used as a can opener. A small teat onthe very end of the pommel is an efficient glass breaker if needbe. There is also a lanyard hole for securing the knife in anhostile environment.


The Razel is supplied with a quick release Kydex sheath. Kydexhas proven itself impervious to the elements. Oil, solvent, snow,ice and water simply do not affect Kydex. There is little point inlooking to another material. While I like leather, Kydex is aproven hard use material. The sheath carries the Razel firmly, withno rebound and little excess motion of any type. This is goodkit.


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When using the Razel the solid feel and full tang constructiongive a good heft in the hand. The Razel weighs in at 13.8 ounces.The knife is of course full tang construction. There is no lightrattail fit into a handle here, the steel is present from the tipto the pommel.


The main working part of the blade is  .125 thick, with a7.25 main cutting edge and a 1.7 inch blade forward. At the top,the blade offers 3.7  inches of cutting area. The jiggedserrations truly work.  The choil and the butt are welldesigned. The hand is stabilized by the bottle opener during somecutting chores.  The handle sports modest finger grooves andyou certainly have a guide for the fingers.


After using the Razel for a few weeks, cutting, scraping andfinding myself in awe of the blade, I elected to place the Razel asthe top of the list in my alarms and excursions gear. I do not liketo be naked in times of trouble and I like my position at the topof the food chain. The Razel is a good tool for a thinking man.


Another knife I have come to regard with some affection is theStubby  Razel. This is not simply a reduced size version ofthe full size knife but a reduced sized knife with full attentionto the work a Mini size knife may be put to. This small size Razel is a very neat little knife with a 2.15 inch long blade thatis 1.18 inch thick. The Stubby Razel weighs but 3.9 ounces.


This is a truly neat little knife that has many uses. As anexample, there is a particularly tight door in my home that isalways difficult to open. It is opened perhaps once a week as it isbasically a storage room. I keep the mini Razel handy in to prythis door open. While this isn’t a critical use, it is an importantuse for me.


After some time with the type I find the Razel is afforded morethan a clean bill of health. It goes to the top of the list alongwith other hard use gear. This gear includes a Jeep CJ 5 with thedirt tough 258 CID engine, a Remington shotgun, a Springfield M1a1rifle, a Springfield TRP .45 caliber pistol, a Surefire light, aColeman lantern, a Linder machete and a set of Craftsman wrenches.That is as good as it gets. CRKT has done well. PREVIOUS PAGE


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