Razel — A Knife or a Razor, It Is A Hell of a Tool!

The Razel is all business. This knife is supplied with adurable Kydex sheath.


By Robert Campbell


It is my business to test tools. The tool may be a self loadingrifle, a pump shotgun or a rugged knife. Very seldom have I cameacross anything as useful as the Columbia River Knife and ToolRazel.   Rugged, well made, resistant to the elements,the Razel has it all. It is also large and heavy but we do not wisha lightweight hammer or chisel, do we?


The Razel is not only a rugged tool for outdoors use, it is areal conversation maker among hobbyists and hard workingjourneymen. The Razel is one of many creations of Jon and JoshGraham, innovative and task oriented knife makers. Their knives notonly have to look good they have to work right first. The Razel SS7is a product of a collaboration between Columbia River Knife andTool and the Graham brothers.


The collaboration has been a good one for all concerned. We areable to purchase a knife that works and embodies the features of atrue custom without the price and a years long wait. Not that atrue Graham isn’t worth the wait.


But the knife on my desk if not a true Graham is a true Razel.It is well made of good material and will accomplish any reasonablefield task. Sometimes the difference between life and death is agood tool. Battles against nature and against the elements areevery bit as dangerous as battles against our protein fed ex concriminal class. A good tool is peace of mind.


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I have never seen a more everyday useful knife than the Razel.The main advantage of the knife that is immediately noticeable isthat the Razel features two points. The knife’s name, Razel, comesfrom the confluence of design in designing a knife that will do thework of a large razor and a chisel. Hence, Razel. The knife blademay be used to scrape gaskets, plane, scrape stickers from glassand cut things that are a bit hard to get to. The Razel has beenused to chisel and pry in my time with the knife.


Normally knives make poor pry bars but in this case the knifewas designed as a pry bar and the application is useful. I havealso cut rubber hose, Para cord, and tubing.


The Razel is especially proud to perform in push cutting that isused against objects out of reach of a knife designed for drawcutting. In the end here is a daring design. It looks utilitarianbut it works in a wide variety of chores. For such a wild design tofall flat would have been ruinous to the maker, but the Razel hasperformed beyond expectation. NEXT PAGE


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