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Will Bushmaster’s New SQEEG-E Cleaning System Make Patches Obsolete?

Bushmaster just sent us a note about their new Bushmaster Bore Squeeg-E Cleaning System, and they say it completely eliminates the need for cleaning patches.

The Bore Squeeg-E Cleaning System offers the best and most effective system to clean the chamber/bore of any firearm. It enables the user to quickly clean a firearm faster than any other system. The system eliminates the use of ineffective patches and reduces the need for metal bore brushes. The Bore Squeeg-E Cleaning System features a pull through system and includes the revolutionary new Bore Squeeg-E. The Bore Squeeg-E is made from a proprietary polymer that is not affected by cleaning chemicals. It is designed to scrape the lands and grooves of the bore to a mirror clean condition and keep the abrasive carbon fouling from harming the bore. The Bore Squeeg-E is attached to a free rotating cleaning cable, preventing the tools from loosening while being pulled through the helical rifling. With proper use, the Bore Squeeg-E will last many years eliminating the expensive and wasteful practice of continually buying and throwing away cloth patches.

The system comes standard with a complete line of “Master” cleaning chemicals: Bore Cleaner & Polish, Bore Rinse, and Lubricant & Protectant. It's all Made in the USA. Bushmaster® Universal Bore Squeeg-E™ Cleaning System – Key Features:

It's so new that McMillan does not yet have the kit on its website. But for more information on Bushmaster stuff click here.

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