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Video: Practical Rifle Shooting Positions in the Field

Ah those little cloverleaf groups off the bench or from prone. They’re what bring smiles to shooters’ faces. Of course, such shooting can be a hothouse flower that quickly wilts when exposed to the variables of the real world.

In most field shooting situations, prone can be unworkable and a bench is typically miles away, collecting dust in a garage. In turn, throwing a bullet accurately down range requires much more nimble and practical solutions.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation gives a spectacular run down of some of these in the above video. In a few short minutes the clip covers the basics of shooting while kneeling, sitting and standing — mixing speed and accuracy. For anyone aiming to do more than punch holes in paper, these shooting positions should be mastered.

In particular, the sling work demonstrated in the video is an important skill, one that seems to be slipping away. More and more often shooters leave their slings flaccid, swinging impotently beneath their rifle, as useful as boobs on a boar. Sigh.

Watch the entire video, because you’re certain to find something that will enhance your field accuracy. And also heed its advice and get off the bench or your belly and practice them.

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