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Video: Action Rifle Shooting with Jerry Miculek

Action Rifle Shooting Tips with Jerry Miculek

The sport of 3-Gun requires a lot from its competitors. Shooters must be well versed in pistol shooting, rifle shooting and shotgun work up close. They also must be able to move and engage targets quickly, and safely, sometimes around obstacles; switch rapidly from one discipline to another; and reload swiftly with all firearms.

The point being, that's a lot of different actions for any shooter to practice and perform. Sometimes, in the pursuit of improving some of the more advanced skills, shooters can forget to ensure that their fundamentals are still solid.

In the video above, world champion shooter Jerry Miculek discusses some of the basics of action rifle shooting, including how to properly hold the rifle and the importance of a good shooting stance and posture. Watch the video above to learn more from one of competitive shooting's best.

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