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Ouch! 10 Shoulder-Crushing Guns (VIDEO)

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10 best videos of brave people pulling the trigger on heavy, and we mean HEAVY, recoiling guns!

1. The .577 T-Rex (Yeah, that's gonna smart). Next Video

2. Bad Idea: A super-light Winchester Model 70 chambered in .500 Jeffrey (Oh!) Next Video

3. More .577 T-Rex (“Holy, moly!”). Next Video

4. Largest Centerfire Rifle Ever Made 950 JDJ (2500 grain bullet, 24 grains of powder, at 2100 FOS, 25,400 ft. lbs of energy for a recoil force of 277 ft. lbs of energy – like firing ten 30-06s at one time). Next Video

5. Girl vs. .577 T-Rex. Next Video

6. African tracker shoots the 416 Ruger. Next Video

7. Girl vs. .416 Rigby! Next Video

8. Shooting the (4-Gauge) shotgun is easy! (Just ask Joe Biden) Next Video

9. Double barrel shotgun shooting tip: Discharge one barrel at a time. Next Video

10. And finally … Here's a really good demo on the proper way to control heavy recoil. Note how a slight change in posture allows the shooter to control the recoil generated by the .458 Winchester Magnum. Piece of cake!

Editor's Note: We've all got a few good stories about the time we shot a really hard-kicking gun. What's yours? Log in below and leave a comment.

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