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Mutual Assistance Groups: Bringing in New Members


One of the most important processes a mutual assistance group will ever undertake is granting membership.

So how do you build your survival dream team? First read up on how to meet mutual assistance group members. Then check out the following process.

Mutual Assistance Group Memberships: The Individual Perspective

Begin with looking inward as an individual to answer these questions:

Mutual Assistance Group Memberships: The Group Perspective

The existing mutual assistance group members will have their own set of questions to answer before meeting with a potential new candidate:

Mutual Assistance Groups: Vetting Potential Candidates

A staple of any mutual assistance group is a weather radio, such as this Eton American Red Cross FRX 2 Emergency Radio. 

When it comes to considering new members the group will want to attempt to get a complete picture of the potential candidate. Of course if this is a “come as you are” situation you may need to make some judgment calls. When time is on your side, try to have a comfortable sit down interview/conversation in a comfortable, neutral location.

Here are some additional primer questions to ask of potential members after the pleasantries:

While chatting with the candidate look for personality cues that may offer insight into his or her personality:

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