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Liven Up Target Shooting with these Bullet Catchers

Nowadays, target shooting needn't be confined to just punching holes in paper.
Nowadays, target shooting needn't be confined to just punching holes in paper.

Face it, when it comes to target shooting it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Good old paper targets have their place, but sometimes they can be a less than thrilling way to run through ammo. Luckily, there are plenty of striking targets just begging to be filled with lead. Here are three unusual ammunition wasters of which I definitely would love to take a potshot.

Zombie Industries' Bleeding/Mutilating Targets

For better or worse, the shooting world has undergone a zombie pandemic – this includes targets. But one company has added a gruesome touch of reality to its undead bullet catchers. Zombie Industries offers the choice of 3D zombies that bleed or mutilate upon being shot. Of course, when you’re staving off the undead apocalypse it's always nice to have a touch of gore. But there is a practical side to these oozing targets – they give the shooter instant feedback about where they’re placing their shots. MSRP: $49.95 to $69.95.

Challenge Targets' Economy Hostage Target

Shotgunning has an advantage over almost all other shooting in that it’s almost always at moving targets. With the help of Challenge Targets, pistol and rifle fans can enjoy shooting at a kinetic target without switching to a smoothbore. The company’s Economy Hostage Target is an intriguing set up, based off systems the company sells to the military and law enforcement. The target is simplicity itself: Silhouettes are mounted on rockers and controlled by ropes, allowing one target to dive behind the other and the other dodge away. The added bonus of the system, it strikes home importance of precision shooting. MSRP: $199.


Do-All's 3D Prairie Dog

There is a reason why varmint hunting has taken off in recent years – it’s just so dang fun! But for those times when rodents and their ilk are in short supply Do-All Outdoors has a solution. The company’s 3-D Prairie Dog is like having an endless prairie dog town at your disposal, sans the bubonic plague. The beauty of the bright orange rodent is its durability and convenience. It is made of self-healing foam, which can take repeated punishment from dang near every caliber. And it has a spring system that bounces the varmint back into the ready position after every shot. Game on! MSRP: $99.

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