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Video: Kirsten Joy Weiss Turns Heads with These 10 Trick Shots

As her college career and national titles attest, Kirsten Joy Weiss is downright deadly with a .22 rifle in her hands. But she is capable of doing more than scoring Xs off the firing line. Weiss' trick shot ability is certain to drop your jaw in these video clips.

Kirsten Joy Weiss isn’t just another pretty face – she's a dang fine shot.

The expert rifleman was among the most decorated competitors to ever pull the trigger for the University of Nebraska. Since her days with the Huskers, Weiss has gone on to win national championships and a spot on Lapua Team USA.

She also has taken the time to produce and star in a number of trick-shot videos that push the limits of marksmanship. Here is a taste of what Ms. Weiss is capable of when armed with a small-bore rifle and some prime targets.


Kirsten Joy Weiss really knocks the wind out of these balloons.


Kirsten Weiss gets bent out of shape to make this shot.


In this trick Kirsten Weiss drops the dime, three of them to be exact.


Here's Ms. Weiss erasing the rubber end off a pencil — using aperture sights!


Kirsten Joy Weiss is quick to get to the point in this trick.


This is a fairly tasty trick, Kirsten Weiss punching a Skittle of a pencil.


Here's Kirsten Weiss getting more candy to skedaddle.


Kirsten Joy Weiss, the one-legged wonder.


Kirsten Weiss is spooky good with her rifle in this clip.


No reason to egg Kirsten Joy Weiss on, she'll take the tough shot on her own accord.

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