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IMR Introducing Enduron Powders in 2015

IMR is shooting to help guns stay clean with every trigger pull with its Enduron propellents.

Come 2015, IMR Legendary Powders’ extensive catalog is set to grow. And the latest propellants to join the lineup do more than just send bullets down range.

The three powders that make up IMR’s new Enduron line also help to tidy up a gun each time the trigger is pulled. The powders achieve this by the addition of copper fouling eliminator that interacts with the barrel upon firing.

The Kansas-based brand – part of Hodgdon – also touted other aspects of its three new propellants – IMR 4166, IMR 4451 and IMR 7977. Among the extruded powders' favorable attributes include insensitivity to temperature extremes and small grain size for easy measuring.

Below are the product descriptions for each propellent from IMR's website.

IMR 4166

This fine, extruded propellant is the first in the series of Enduron Technology powders. The main features of the Enduron series are copper fouling eliminator, insensitivity to temperature changes, ideal loading density and being environmentally friendly. IMR 4166 is the perfect burn speed for cartridges like the 308 Win/7.62mm NATO, 22-250 Remington, 257 Roberts and dozens more. Positively, a versatile, match grade propellant.

IMR 4451

Another new Enduron extruded powder, IMR 4451, gives top performance in the venerable 30-06, 270 Winchester and 300 Winchester Short Magnum, to name just a few. This propellant is ideally suited for many, many mid-range burn speed cartridges. Simply scroll through the list of cartridges on the Hodgdon Reloading Data Center, and see how many of your favorite cartridges are covered with this fine powder. Once the shooter tries this one in that favorite cartridge, his search is over!

IMR 7977

The slowest burn rate Enduron Technology extruded powder is IMR 7977, and is a true magnum cartridge propellant. It yields outstanding performance in such cartridges as the 300 Winchester Magnum, 7mm Remington Magnum, 338 Lapua and a host of others. Loading density is perfect for magnums, nicely filling the case at maximum charges, contributing to superb uniformity and accuracy. The 7mm Remington Magnum “never had it so good”!

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